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Looking for best selling WordPress LMS plugin on codecanyon marketplace? Meet Good LMS WP Plugin. For the first time, we are publishing a full premium WordPress LMS plugin review. So, without more delay, let’s start the Good LMS review 2023!

Good LMS started the journey at the end of 2014, almost a decade ago on the ThemeForest marketplace. So far it manage 1,400+ sales. They are maintaining 3.96 ratings from 50+ users ratings. 600+ questions and discussions come on the codecanyone profile. A lot of user interactions! The plugin got’s regular updates for the users.

Notable Features of Good LMS

Good LMS is one of the oldest WordPress LMS plugins. They should have the latest and trendy features. We have checked the feature list. And here’s what we have found for you.

(1) Create Courses: You can create courses for a future student. The course can have all the basic information and elements.

(2) Course Certificate: After completing the course, the certificate is the next important requirement. It’s proof of course completion and a showcase of your quality. Good LMS has a certificate option that will allow the admin to issue course certificates.

(3) Course Badges: Depending on the progress and performance, multiple badges can be added. It encourages the student to do better and work more. A badge is proof of speedy growth and quality learning.

(4) Quiz Option: Quiz is also a required feature for any learning management system. Good LMS has quiz features that allow the instructor to add different quizzes and evaluate learners.

(5) Course Curriculum: Students and learners want to see the total course curriculum before enrolling in any course. Good LMS has a course curriculum feature that allows the instructor to show the full course details on the course panel.

(6) Online Course: You can host an online course with Good LMS. So, the plugin allows you both online and offline course selling.

(7) Online Quiz: Quizzes are one of the basic elements every course should have. Good LMS has an online quiz feature. Admin can set an online quiz for students.

(8) Student Backend: Good LMS student dashboard feature allow every student to have their own home inside the course website. They can see their course list, progress, assignment, and much more from the dashboard.

(9) Commission Rate: The commission should be split between the instructors and the website owner. If the side has a different course instructor then the commission rate may vary. Good LMS has commission rate-fixing features. It allows the website owner set the best commission rate for the instructor.

(10) Coupon Code: The admin may provide a coupon code to allow special discounts on any course. The features help get a better conversion. At the same time, the admin may allow a special student to be enrolled with financial issues.

(11) Course Ratings: Course ratings reflect the course quality. Normally students rate the course after finishing it or after some experience. And future students care about the ratings so much.

Around 89% of consumers say they make an effort to read reviews before buying products online. Checking reviews have become the norm and part of the shopping process and reviews matter—a lot. That’s why 49% of these global consumers consider positive reviews one of their top three influences for purchasing a product.

According to the Trustpilot

And admin can allow students and course participants to review courses on the site made by Good LMS. It’s a great feature to get more students.

(12) Retakeable Quiz: Course rate may be required for many unavoidable reasons. And the opportunity should not be limited. The good news is, Good LMS’s retake course features can give you the ability to allow students to take course retakes.

(13) Progress Line: The progress line shows the current condition of the course as well as the step they have finished. Progress line feature available at Good LMS that admin can set on the course page.

(14) Subsection and Sub Quizzes: You can add advanced quizzes and subsections with this LMS WP Plugin.

Good LMS WP Plugin Pricing

Good LMS is a product of CodeCanyone and it has a very simple pricing model. You can purchase Good LMS for $32 only. 6 months of support and feature update are available. You can also purchase 12 months extended license for an extra $10.13.

The price of Good LMS is very low compared to other WordPress LMS plugins. Especially all the self-hosted WordPress LMS plugin has way more price than this LMS.

Good LMS Review and Resource

We did not find a lot of resources. But it was expected as the plugin is not self-hosted. You can check the demo from the marketplace. You can also ask questions on the plugin page. The plugin author is GoodLayers and they provide support from their website too. However, we did not see any documentation on their own website.

Advantages of Good LMS

It is a marketplace-based WordPress LMS plugin. So, it’s not expected to have a lot of resources and advantages. If you are a developer or freelancer, then you can purchase the plugin. However, we have search details, and here’s what we have.

Drawbacks of Good LMS

It’s time to talk about some drawbacks of Good LMS WP Plugin. You need to consider them while making your purchase decisions.

Our Insights and Opinions

Good LMS is one of the highest-selling LMS plugins at Envato Studio in the plugin category. It is also made by a highly expert team GoodLayers. If you are a freelancer or looking for a single-person LMS platform, you might choose the plugin.

For enterprise or marketplace-level eLearning platforms, you can choose other LMS plugins available on the web. If you prefer purchasing from Envato Studio, then it is your ultimate choice.

If you are already using any theme by the same authors, then it can be your better option to start your next learning management website.

Final Notes on Good LMS

It is a learning management system plugin for WordPress. You can find many great features for creating and selling online and onsite courses.

We hope you have enjoyed the blog. If you want to support us, share this blog on social media. You can also read other WordPress LMS review blogs here.