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Masteriyo LMS is one of the popular beginner-friendly WordPress LMS plugins. The plugin has been built with react js to keep it faster in loading. They also keep it very clean and easily navigatable for the users. In this LMS by Masteriyo review 2023 blog, we will be going through all the important information that can help you to know this plugin.

LMS by Masteriyo is powering 2,000+ eLearning and creators at this time (April 2023). The plugin has been downloaded 65,000+ times from the WordPress directory. They have achieved 37+ five-star ratings. And the average rating of Masteriyo LMS is 4.8 out of 5. Pretty good ratings as a small plugin.

Notable Features of Masteriyo LMS

LMS by Masteriyo Review, Brainywp

The features are the most important factors for making buying decisions. So, we have dug out all the main features in LMS through the Masteriyo review blog. Let’s explore them one by one.

(1) Drag & Drop Course Builder

You can start with creating, editing, and managing all your courses from one place with the powerful drag-and-drop course builder feature. You will need not know any programming knowledge. You can do it by yourself without hiring any developer.

(2) Unlimited Courses

You are not limited to creating courses. You can build interactive online courses with Masteriyo! It’s one of the best features of the plugin.

(3) Unlimited Lessons & Quizzes

Like the course, the lessons and quizzes can be created unlimitedly. You can design unlimited lessons and quizzes using the intuitive builder. Masteriyo offers various lesson formats & question types.

(4) Unlimited Instructors & Students

When courses, sessions, and quizzes are unlimited, the instructor and student should not be limited. And Masteriyo brings the feature for you. You can add unlimited instructors and students to your school. And give them beautiful account pages after registration.

(5) Distraction-Free Learning Page

Masteriyo’s optimized learning page keeps them engaged and give students a distraction-free learning experience.

(6) Review the System

The next feature is the review system. It lets logged-in users give text reviews and star ratings to individual courses. So, the student can share their experience in non-verbal ways.

(7) QnA Section

The plugin brings Q&A sections for lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Students can ask questions here & receive answers quickly.

(8) Inbuilt Order System

Masteriyo’s in-built order system features are available to use. You can start selling courses online without extra eCommerce plugins.

(9) PayPal Support

Masteriyo has inbuilt support for the PayPal payment gateway. If you want quick and secure payments for courses, use the PayPal options.

(10) Quiz Builder

You can engage your students with interactive quizzes. Use different question types, set answer points, etc. for each quiz. Let students experience quick exams for each lesson.

Masteriyo Addons and Integration

Masteriyo Addons, BrainyWP

We also check the addons and integration list to share on LMS by the Masteriyo review blog. We have seen tons of add-ons for extending the features and integration.

(1) Stripe Support

Stripe is a good alternative to PayPal. In some countries, PayPal is not supported so in that case Stripe is a better option. Masteriyo offers integration with the popular Stripe payment gateway.

(2) Certificate Builder

Give the recognition of course completion. You can build and include attractive certificates for each course to reward students for completing the course.

(3) WooCommerce Integration

Integrate Masteriyo with the popular WooCommerce plugin, and get access to its 300+ payment gateways. Moreover, you can then sell your course like an eCommerce website.

(4) Course Prerequisites

You can set prerequisites for enrolling in a course. Students must complete a preparatory course before enrolling in a higher course. It’s a great feature to insure the quality learning of the students.

(5) Multi-Instructor

In the modern era of eLearning, multiple course instructor is common. Masteriyo’s multi-instructor addon gives you the option to add multiple instructors to a single course. Each instructor can edit the course content, add assignments, etc.

(6) Assignments

Instructors can add course assignments and evaluate them. It helps a productive learning experience for the students.

(7) Download Materials

With download materials addons, users can provide unlimited download materials for each lesson. Students can preview and download the attached document.

(8) Course Attachments

A dedicated course attachment option is available at Masteriyo. Users can attach course materials to any course page. Students can download the given files from the attachments tab.

(9) Course FAQs

Add and edit FAQs for any course of your choice. Users can view them under the FAQs tab of the course page. This feature helps make more sales and reduce refunds.

(10) White Label

Use Masteriyo’s White Label add-on to remove the Masteriyo branding and replace it with your brand materials.

(11) Wishlist

Users can allow students to add any course to their wishlist. This feature is available on the single course page and the course archive.

(12) Content Drip

Content drip makes your courses more interesting! Set time-based and action-based conditions to drip-feed course materials to students.

(13) Password Strength Checker

Hacking and fishing are common in this web era. Everyone needs to be careful. This is where Masteriyo’s Password Strength Checker addons come. It ensures that the students and instructors register with a strong password.

(14) Google reCAPTCHA

Say goodbye to spam! Add Google reCAPTCHA protection to the registration and login pages of your LMS website.

(15) Elementor Integration

Equip your Elementor editor with Masteriyo widgets. Add components like course lists & categories to any page/post. Get the experience of drag-and-drop building experience. Design the eLearning website that you have dreamed of for long days.

(16) Advanced Quiz

Add more question types & options to the quiz builder. Give instructors better control over quiz reviews. This way, you can make sure the quality of learning is high in any course.

(17) Manual Enrollment

Manually enroll a student into any available course on the website. Admins can also view, edit, and trash the enrollments. For late students or special requested students, this feature is super helpful.

(18) Coupons

Create coupon codes for premium courses. Offer fixed or percent discounts to students, limit coupon usage, and more.

LMS by Masteriyo Pricing

Starter$49/year1 Site
Growth $99/year5 Sites
Scale$164/year99 Sites
Refund14 days
The last date of the table updated is 19th Aprile 2023

The premium pricing starts from 49 bucks each year. And you will need to spend 164 bucks for a single year for a scale pricing plan. But there’s no LTD pricing plan. You will get a maximum of 99 site licenses for the scale package. The refund is 14 days like other regular plugins.

LMS by Masteriyo Resource

As we said, the plugin is backed by ThemeGrill. So, they know how exactly they should support the users. You will get multiple options to know about the plugin. The list is given below.

View DemoDocumentationBlog
Give a TryRoadmapTutorial
ChangelogRelease NoteVideos

You can check the full list of features on the dedicated feature showcase page. The same page contains addons details about the Masteriyo plugin. Blog, video, tutorial, and release notes can give you the latest update of Masteriyo. You can check the roadmap for upcoming updates.

The documentation can help you explore the plugin technically. And last, of all, you can ask them questions before you purchase the products. All of the resources will also be available after buying LMS by Masteriyo.

Masteriyo LMS Free vs Pro

Masteriyo is a freemium plugin. So we wanted to check the free vs pro comparison. The free version has a basic Quiz builder whereas Masteriyo Pro has an advanced quiz builder. Naturally, the free version has limited features compared to the pro version.

In Masteriyo free, no security feature is available but on the pro, you will get it. So, for better security, Masteriyo Pro needs to purchase.

Advantages of Masteriyo LMS

We have found some special features that can help anyone get started on an LMS website on WordPress. Let’s have a look at the following list for more details.

Drawbacks of Masteriyo LMS

It’s nice with some creative features. And their public roadmap says, they are adding new features on regular basis. However, we have found a few drawbacks of the plugin.

Our Insights and Opinions

Did you notice the refund guarantee on the Masteriyo pricing page? It has been given by “Sanjip Shah”
Co-Founder, ThemeGrill! So, you know now that Masteriyo is backed by the ThemeGrill team. Experienced and leading WordPress company.

This is what makes us trust the growth of this plugin. We are hoping to see some pick on active installation and users’ feedback on this plugin. If you see, it become 5,000+ active users by this year, nothing to surprise.

In our opinion, if they provide an LTD plan then it will have faster growth. Also, they might think about affiliate marketing incentives. In that case, many marketers will work for them.

We also believe you should not use it on your live production website. Especially on the large user-based production site, avoid the plugin.

Final Notes

There you have it. We have added the information in detail. We hope you have enjoyed the LMS by Masteriyo review blog. So now, analyze your business, define the needs, and go for the plugin. You can also check other WordPress LMS plugin reviews by BrainyWP. Follow our Facebook page for more updates.