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Academy LMS is a comparatively new WordPress LMS plugin. But we have managed our time to share the Academy LMS review 2023 with our audience. If you want to test a new LMS plugin for your next project, then Academy LMS can be an ideal suite for you!

In this blog, we will be focusing on the key features of Academy LMS, Academy LMS addons, resources for the users, free vs pro comparison, advantages, and drawbacks of this plugin. We are going to include our insights and our opinion on helping users like you.

At this time (April 2023), Academy LMS is powering 900+ WordPress LMS websites. They have managed 19,000+ total downloads from the WordPress directory. They have 20+ five-star ratings with 4.8 average ratings by the users. Now, let’s dive into the main blog of Academy LMS Review 2023!

Notable Features of Academy LMS

In order to convert a regular WordPress website into LMS, what are the features available at Academy LMS at this time? Well, in the following section, we will explore all the features of the plugin.

(1) Robust Course Builder

Course builder is first and foremost indeed a feature of any LMS plugin. Academy LMS also has it on its bucket. With the course builder features, users are allowed to create unlimited new courses on the site. No more review sharing is needed while you have the Academy LMS course builder.

(2) Certificate Builder

After the course, the certificate is the next important element for any eLearning website. The plugin comes with a certificate builder addon that allows you to create and provide certificates to students.

(3) QnA System

The question and answer is the process of taking exams and checking students’ condition. Every course website needed these features. So, Acamdey LMS brings the features for you.

(4) Quiz Builder

The quizzes feature is an advanced feature for learning management websites. It helps to reduce student bounce through regular quick assessments. Academy LMS has features that allow the admin to set quizzes for the student.

(5) Analytics Overview

A learning management website or marketplace is a business website. So, it’s important to check the sales, refunds, and discounts. How is the business going on reflecting on the analytics? Academy LMS analytics features will help you to see all the business data in a single place.

(6) Multi Instructors

In modern eLearning website, multiple instructors for a single course is common. In fact, for the high school level course, it’s an unwritten mandatory rule. One teacher delivers a lecture while another one solves the student’s query. Academy LMS has multi-instructor features that enable the admin to add more than one teacher under a single course.

(7) Revenue Sharing

Whether it’s a course creator, teacher, or eLearning entrepreneur, revenue matters most. So, the revenue sharing feature is a must-have feature of the LMS WordPress plugin. Academy LMS has the features for you.

(8) Payment Gateways

The Academy LMS plugin has integrated multiple payment gateways. So, you can take the course price through all the popular payment gateway.

(9) Monetization

You can monetize the course on your site in multiple ways. The monetization feature will help you boost sales and profits from the marketplace.

(10) Customer Support

You can provide the student after-sales support. The customer support feature allows the admin to take questions and answer them on their flexible time.

Now, apart from the notable key features, we would like to share the full list of Academy LMS in this section. To keep the blog easy to read, we have added the features inside the following table.

Easy Installation WizardPublic ProfilesInstructor List
Student DashboardsWooCommerceRevenue Sharing
Analytics OverviewCourse BuilderUnlimited Courses
Design IntelligentlyUnlimited LessonsAdvanced Quiz
Question & AnswersManual EnrolmentRating & Review
YouTube and VimeoContent DripPublic Course
Unlimited InstructorsAutomated resultsEvaluate Learners
Instructor DashboardsFrontend Course BuilderQuestion Layout Options Set
Detailed Quiz ReportLimit Quiz AttemptsPassing Grades
Course AnnouncementsQuiz Feedback ModesManual Enrollment
Assignment SubmissionUnique Templates for EachTime Expiration Prompts
Zoom IntegrationStarter TemplateElementor Addons
Email NotificationAcademy CertificateAdvanced Analytics
The date table updated data 6th Aprile 2023

Academy LMS Addons

There are multiple free and premium addons available at Academy LMS. They are extending the features and giving the users ultimate flexibility to build the next learning management website. Let’s check the full list with a small explanation.

(1) Academy Elementor Addon

If you want to use the plugin with Elementor page builder, then you will need this. With it, you can get the features under Elementor widgets. Design and customize to represent your brands to the new learner.

(2) Academy Certificates

Certificates are the final recognition for any course. It helps the student to present their performance in the next working place. The Academy LMS certificate addon will allow you to design and provide certificates to the course participants.

(3) Academy Starter Template

The starter template comes with a pre-made design. The content is available there. You can import and update according to your needs. It saves a lot of time, especially for newbies.

(4) Multi Instructor

One course may have multiple instructors. And the multi-instructor addons will allow the admins to add multiple people in a single course. This feature is handy for high school-level coaching classes and online practical education.

(5) Quizzes

To understand student performance and learning outcomes, quizzes are one important key. The quiz addons will allow you to enable or disable Quizzes for the courses on your eLearning site.

(6) WooCommerce Subscriptions (Pro)

WooCommerce is very much popular for WordPress eCommerce. In fact, it’s the biggest plugin that’s powering 5M+ eCommerce websites. Considering your course as an eCommerce product, you can sell them. And the addons allow you to collect recurring payments for the paid courses.

(7) Advanced Analytics (Pro)

Advanced analytics help you to understand how your business is going. You can check the curve and determine the potential problem point. You can also check refunds, discounts, and more with this add-on.

(8) Email (Pro)

To keep updated, you can send automated emails to students, instructors, and admins without leaving your eLearning site.

(9) Manual Enrolment (Pro)

Would you like to add someone late, or from the admin panel? Well, the manual enrolment addon is here to help you. Admins can manually enroll students on their learning website site using the manual enrolment option.

(10) Content Drip (Pro)

Allow admins & instructors to schedule course content and send it sequentially to the course student. Also, it helps to convert potential students to premium students.

(11) Academy Zoom Integration (Pro)

If you plan for online classes or distance learning, then Zoom is the most popular app. With Zoom integration in Academy LMS, create online live classes for the students.

(12) Assignments (Pro)

The course instructor can maintain assignments through this addon. They can create assignments, assign students, update the results online, and keep store them for future use.

Integration and Resource

Academy LMS is supporting you with multiple options. You can use the channel to get your LMS solution. Let’s see the list of options in which you can know about this plugin.

They have some integration to support your LMS website. Zoom and WooCommcer is the most important integration they have so far. They also have YouTube compatibility. You can also use Elementor page builder.

Academy LMS Free vs Pro

If you use Academy LMS free version, you will get 33+ features to build your website. The Academy LMS Pro will unlock 16+ more advanced features.

In order to build a basic learning management website for personal use, Academy LMS free version is fine. But if you want to create a marketplace or scale the current LMS website, then you should look for Academy LMS pro version.

Advantages of Academy LMS

There’s more that you might love to know while thinking about Academy LMS. In order to build and scale any eLearning and course-selling website, you need to consider the advantages of the LMS plugins. And guess what, Academy LMS review covers the advantages of the plugin in this section.

(1) Fast Loading Speed

Loading speed matters for any website. If it’s a learning management site, then it matters more. Academy LMS has a better loading speed. According to WPHive, they have 0s which is better than 99% of plugins. Average memory usage is 337.78 kb. This is less than 76% of plugins.

(2) Awesome Support

The Academy LMS team provides nice support. You can ask them any pre-sell questions before purchasing the plugin. Their after-sales support is also nice. You can see multiple ratings and reviews comes on the WordPress directory because of their better customer support.

(3) Secured & Reliable

The plugin gets regular updates. So, you can expect the known bug fix within a short amount of time. They are reliable too.

(4) User-friendly Dashboard

The dashboard UI is nice. You can check the course details, analytics, and much more information on the dashboard. The layout is different for the student and the instructor.

(5) LMS Ecosystem

Academy LMS provides full-flag solutions for eLearning and learning management business.

(6) WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce is the ultimate destination for WordPress eCommerce. Considering the course as a product, WooCommerce powerup LMS website. Academy LMS has WooCommerce support to sell the premium course and receive the charges from the students.

Drawbacks of Academy LMS

There are some drawbacks to this plugin too. We would like to take your attention before going to the next section of the Academy LMS review blog. If you think of purchasing the plugin for yourself or the clients, consider the following first!

(1) Overall Limited Features

Academy LMS is new and the features are limited as expected. There are multiple major features not available in this plugin’s current version. No AI support, google meet to support, limited video hosting options, etc. We are not making the list longer but be aware that, it has limited features. However, the good news is, they are adding new features regular basis.

(2) Limited Integrations

Google Meet integration is not available in this plugin. Other meeting platforms are also not. They are not providing SMS, Email getaways integration too.

(3) User Experience

The user experience is not better so far. As the new plugin, it will take time to provide a high-quality user experience. You can provide some feedback to them that they might improve now.

(4) High Price

Compare to the other LMS plugin, Academy LMS asking a high price. Its basic package starts from 119$ whereas some other established LMS started from lower than this price.

(5) Limited Builder Support

This plugin provides only Elemetor page builder support. So, if you are on other builders like Oxygen, and Bricks Builder then you will have to do a lot of hard code and labor job to design your LMS website.

It’s not recommended to use Academy LMS plugin on any production site. Especially, if you are running any LMS site with other popular plugins, or your LMS is in SAAS, then think twice before trying it.

Our Insights and Opinions

While searching for an online Academy LMS review, we did not find any blog that featured Academy LMS. No dedicated review blog was found. Maybe, they are not focusing on marketing at this moment. So, we are the first site that’s are featuring the plugin.

The progress is not bad at all. But It will take time to grow more and become an established LMS plugin

Final Notes on Academy LMS

As stated at the start of this blog, Academy LMS is a new WordPress LMS plugin. But as they are growing through active installations and adding new features, you can give it a try. If you like to have a different test as well as you want to support a new plugin, then go for it.

If you enjoy the blog, then share it on social media. It will support us in growing. You can follow us on social media for future updates.

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