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WP Courses LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that allows both the movies and experts to create a learning management website without coding. As part of our LMS review series, we are here with WP Courses LMS review 2023! If you already know about the plugin, still you should read the blog as we added exclusive information. If the name is new to you, then the blog is must read for you.

In this WP Courses LMS review blog, we will be talking about in-depth analysis and discussion about the plugin. We will extract all the features list of WP Courses LMS, the addons, integration, drawbacks, etc. We will also add some of our own opinions that can help you understand the potentiality of the plugin.

At this time (April 2023), WP Courses LMS is powering 800+ LMS websites around the world. It’s just 100+ more than the Academy LMS WordPress plugin. Till now, people download WP Courses LMS more than 45k times from the WordPress directory. Their average rating is 4.9/5 with 14+ five-star ratings. We will be diving deeper into this WP Courses LMS review blog 2023!

Notable Features of WP Courses LMS

Looking out the features and functionality of the WP Course LMS plugin in this section. We have checked the official website, WordPress directory, and other online blogs. Here’s what we have found so far!

(1) Unlimited courses

You can create unlimited courses with the plugin. It’s very common for any WordPress LMS plugin that you can create much more courses. You won’t need to pay extra for each course. It’s also an advantage of a Self-hosted LMS site. WP Courses LMS is not out of this. They have the features.

(2) Restrict lessons

You can restrict the lessons conditionally with this plugin. The features are handy for the premium course. You can keep a little course content public to show the quality and the rest of the part is restricted.

(3) Create quizzes

Quizzes are an inseparable part of any course. And WP Course LMS has quiz features. You can add quizzes to the course on your website.

(4) WooCommerce integration

You can use the course as a product to get payment from the students. WooCommerce integration makes it possible for WP Courses LMS users.

(5) Paid Membership Pro integration

For the repeating students, you can use Paid Membership pro plugin and get recurring payments. This feature helps the coaching center and education-type LMS creators. If you take payments on a monthly basis, then the integration is a better suite for you.

(6) Award badges

You can add different awards badges to the students on the basis of their performance. The awards features of WP Course LMS allow the admin to do it. It encourages the students to perform better.

(7) Award certificates

You can provide certificates of achievement to the students. WP Course LMS has awards certificate features too.

(8) User profiles

Users’ profile features allow every participant and student to see the enrolled course, check the progress, keep the track of performance, and many more details.

(9) Progress tracking

On the LMS site progress tracking is a really important feature. And WP Course LMS brings it to the light for its users. The participants can see the progress from their own panels.

(10) Analytics dashboard

Analytics made it easy to see how the business going on. And the good news is, WP Course has an analytics dashboard. Here you can see multiple performance indicators. You can see how the sale going on and how about the predictive finance. There’s more available at the WP Course LMS analytics dashboard.

(11) Video lessons

You can create and host video lessons with the plugin. It supports YouTube, Vimeo, VdoCipher, and other platforms. You can also create lessons with text, audio, images, and more. So, ultimately, WP Course LMS is allowing you to create both free and premium courses.

Integration and Resource

We found very limited resources and integration with the WP Course LMS plugin. On the pro version, you can get WooCommerce and Paid Membership Pro integration. We found the following resource in this plugin.

Documentation: You will get complete documentation by which you can set up your LMS WordPress website. You can know how to use the plugin.

Blog and Tutorial: You can see a limited number of blogs and tutorials on their website.

Video Resource: Surprisingly, they also have some video tutorials to help you set up the plugin.

WP Courses LMS Free vs Pro

We are checking the WP Courses LMS free vs pro comparison. We did not find much to say to you. It was expected through. Here are some reasons why should you look for a WP Course Pro subscription.

Better Support: With a premium subscription, you will get priority support. You can access the WP Courses LMS team through email.

Advanced Integration: You can get multiple integrations like WooCommerce integration, membership plugin integration, and so on.

Advantages of WP Courses LMS

We were checking the advantages of WP Courses LMS and we found a few for you. Here’s what we have found.

Better price plan: Definitely they have a better pricing plan. Compared to the other established WordPress LMS plugin, WP Courses LMS has less price. You can access all the premium features for just $79.

Theme compatibility: The plugin comes with all the popular theme compatibility. This is why you don’t need to switch the running theme to convert your website into LMS. Moreover, If you like some of the functions of any theme, you can use the theme too.

Mobile-friendly design: WP Courses LMS is a mobile-friendly responsive plugin. So, the potential students can access the website from their mobile phones made by WP Courses LMS plugin.

Drawbacks of WP Courses LMS

While checking the features and advantages of the plugin, we also counted some of the drawbacks of this plugin. Let’s check the list and you should consider them while thinking of purchasing the WP Courses Pro.

(1) Important features missing: Even though they started the journey 6+ years back, still they have limitations on big features. Drip content, event calendar, and mobile learning are not available in this plugin. Limited page builder and video hosting support make it hard to use on a big LMS platform.

(2) Limited app integration: Integration is one of the keys to making a successful learning management system. But it’s unfortunate that the WP Courses LMS has limited integration with third-party apps and platforms. So, you will have some limitations while you will try to expand your eLearning platforms.

(3) Not an optimum option for massive eCommerce stores: With the limited features and integration, it’s hard to scale up the business. The LMS is good for single users use who have limited students. But it will be difficult to manage huge numbers of students from it.

(4) The course import process is somehow dull: It is another drawback of WP Courses is that the course importing option is somehow not easy. So, whether you are planning to switch from another LMS or plan to import a new course, you can’t do it easily. You will create the course from the sketch. It will take extra time to set up every new course with the WP Courses LMS.

(5) No live video conferencing option: Unfortunately, WP Courses comes with no video conferencing application support. So, taking courses with Zoom and Google Meet for the online courses will be fully manual. You will need to create it on your external tab and then you can add the link to the course description manually.

Our Insights and Opinions

Do you have a limited budget for your next LMS project? Would you really like to explore the features by hand code? In that case, the WP Courses LMS review can help you. We recommend the plugin to you.

Other than the above use-case, if you plan for a new eLearning platform, or you have a lot of potential students, or maybe you want to scale up the business, then you should look at the other WordPress plugin.

Final Notes on WP Courses LMS

WP Courses LMS is one of the old LMS WordPress plugins but did not grow as expected. If you are a single instructor and plan to make some passive income, then WP Courses might be your choice. Even though it has limited customization options, pricing matters for single users. And for single-user LMS, a lot of customization will not require. So, you may test it for your passive income.

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